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Local computer service part of Computer Callout Services UK, one of the best Google 5 star rated customer reviewed companies on the Net. Our engineers will communicate in plain language and will find a solution to your computer related enquiry. Our engineers come from NHS, corporate and computer services industry experienced backgrounds. We love technology and like to share it with you, and will demonstrate how to maintain your devices more efficiently.


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Our empashsis is to make computer services ad friendly as possibe.

New Services

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We are always learning new computer technologies as they emerge. We do our best to demonstarte this knowledge to our customers.



About Us

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We operate an callout and remote IT service to Brighton home and business users, building up a reputation as a great communicator with clients. Part of Computer Callout Services, a 5 stars rated customer reviewed company on Google Maps/Places - Reviews..


To develop an IT service that listens to its clients

To give honest advice and not sell services or devices that our clients dont need.

Not to patronise our customers

Give pure customer safisfaction and achieve great viral feedback.


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We perform most computer services in your home or office.

Computer Services

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We offer computer services in your home or business in Shoreham. More secure and we dont mind if you watch what we are doing.

List of Services

  • Computer Virus Removal: Police and Removal Live Series .
  • Slow Computer help .
  • Windows and Mac System Corruption.
  • Windows and Mac operating system reinstallation.
  • Software, email upgrades-migrations.
  • Computer Networking and Slow Startup computer issues.
  • Computer Security
  • Windows and Mac operating system reinstallation.
  • Software, email upgrades-migrations.




Phone: 01273803988